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Having the right people can transform an organisation and help secure its future.


Backed by extensive and leading industry experience, we target and engage with talented individuals who have the specific skills, knowledge and expertise perfectly suited to our clients’ needs, objectives.

Our search and selection process

goes much deeper than a good CV. We research rigorously and assess and analyse for ‘fit’, reviewing a range of characteristics from technical expertise to cultural fit, chemistry and soft skills and we look beyond the obvious to find the best talent.

Although ‘headhunting’

may often be considered a methodology often best suited to senior management positions, in order to guarantee the very best fit for our clients’ organisations, we adopt this practice for each and every assignment.

For any business-critical position we know that a proactive search across the entire industry will yield far better results than just advertising, job boards and CV databases.

As your specialist search & selection partner,

BEE APPOINTED present your opportunity and market it; creating interest in your company and your role.

We demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the role and the client, providing compelling reasons why passive and highly sought-after candidates should engage with our recruitment process.