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takes a different approach to most agencies. We look for the best individuals for a role and approach them directly, rather than waiting for them to approach us, or trawling through details of those who may have approached us in the past.

Most suitable candidates already have a role, so we have to find them. We target the ‘passive’ market – people who are not actively looking for jobs but, when presented with an enticing opportunity, may be convinced to move. We estimate this is around 65% of the workforce and when we do find these candidates, we discover that many are not even registered with recruitment agents.

“Talent is all around – but you just need to know where to look and understand how to look!”

Our other major difference is that we work alongside our clients and conduct a thorough analysis of the organisation’s talent needs. This helps give clients a more in-depth understanding of what they really require in the role, the landscape of the role, the skill set required and the type of people they can expect to attract. We also provide a managed timeline for the whole project.