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BEE APPOINTED has placed interim managers across a broad range of sector disciplines, helping clients fill critical skills gaps with experienced managers and directors.

We have developed a readily available portfolio of specialist interim managers covering a wide range of disciplines. Many of these are industry leading experts who can deliver exceptional results from day one and continue to deliver over the duration of the assignment until they exit the business. The results achieved often allow businesses to reap benefits long after their departure.


Talent Mapping is key to the BEE APPOINTED search process (and we can also offer this as a standalone service in its own right). It is the analysis of your market, especially your competition and the employment and contractual status of the relevant key people who work there. This helps create an understanding of the level of skill and talent across your competitors, which helps you ensure your business is better prepared for the search process and more able to attract the best candidates.

Talent Mapping helps identify the skill level and consequent salary and package expectations of candidates for specific roles, as well as illustrating the geographical spread of talent and where to find the most attractive candidates. Evaluating and defining the competitive landscape ahead of time also means your business is better prepared to take advantage of changes in the supply of and demand for talent. Through detailed analysis of competitor organisations, we are able to benchmark how candidates and executives measure up against those in your organisation.


Obtaining sector and labour market insights can help you shape, support and challenge your organisational strategy and business planning. It can assist your decision making, based on real-time data and help you both minimise risk and take advantage of new opportunities.

Gathering this can be tricky and time-consuming. BEE APPOINTED have specialist researchers who can do this for you, maintaining complete impartiality and interpreting results and data from a purely objective viewpoint.


Obtaining salary and benefits information can better help you to offer competitive remuneration packages. This is increasingly important in retaining your key employees, staying competitive in the recruitment market and thus supporting your growth plans.


Exit interviews can provide a valuable tool for improving retention. They can help you identify and address issues with key colleague satisfaction and help you adapt to prevent you losing talent and incurring the resultant disruption. Losing people to your competitors can result in a significant cost to your business in addition to the consequential costs to recruit and train their replacements. 

BEE APPOINTED are able to undertake an impartial exit interview process, presenting constructive feedback and can also ascertain whether a counter offer may be acceptable or appropriate.